How to get an easy loan?

In an emergency or unforeseen situation, getting a quick and easy loan may be necessary, even if it is not the best deal. The ideal is always to save money and have a reserve for these cases. If you do not have it and you need fast cash, see the path of the stones to get an easy loan. Check below:

What types of loans can I borrow?

What types of loans can I borrow?

There are several types of loans available on the market: payroll, personal credit, overdraft, credit card etc. Even if you are in need of an easy loan, you should avoid options that charge higher interest rates, such as a special check (available directly from your checking account) and a revolving credit card (which can be cashed out). The best alternative for those who want to avoid exorbitant interest rates remains the payroll, where the installments are discounted directly from the paycheck. However, this option is not available to everyone: it is necessary that the financial institution has an agreement with your company or that you receive through the government (retirees, pensioners etc). If payroll is not possible, another easy option is personal credit, available at most financial institutions, and the pledge if you have any valuable commodity like jewelry.

Who can offer me an easy loan?

Who can offer me an easy loan?

Who needs an easy loan, has two options: look for the bank where you have checking account or personal loan online. There are some companies already offering this hiring on the internet and promise ease and speed. 

In the case of financial institutions, they tend to privilege clients with whom they already have a relationship and who have pre-approved credit. That is, it is possible to request the amount and not wait or approval: it goes directly to the checking account. If you do not have the possibility to borrow at your institution, the main banks, such as Itaú and Bradesco, have the option of personal credit.

It is also possible to resort to financial institutions, such as Masanggo and Finanzer, which release the money on time, if the credit is approved.

Can I apply for an online loan?

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The online loan is a tailor made solution for those who need a smaller amount, but that needs to be achieved quickly. The fees charged are higher than in the payroll model, however, it may be an outlet for those who do not have access to this modality.

The online loan can be requested via the Internet and, in some cases, through ATMs and telephone. Among the companies that make loans online are Finamax (the simulation is done online, but the contract must be closed in person, in one of the units), Dacasa (the money can be deposited directly in the checking account, through DOC), Bom for Credit, Seru, Creditity and Simpluc.

Among the banks offering online loan are Netybank and Branpolsco. However, in the two institutions, this option is exclusive for account holders, with a maximum value of R $ 50,000 in Citi and R $ 1,000 in Bradesco.