Author: Shaun Mackay

The Magic of the Interest PeriodThe Magic of the Interest Period

In the last quarter, we have read a lot about the various fixed loans and their benefits. But have we noticed that many people do not know what a fixed loan is? What makes you good? What makes any significant difference between bank offers? Well, for any such question, the concept of the interest period […]

Instant online payday loans Canada -Get a loan with bad credit todayInstant online payday loans Canada -Get a loan with bad credit today

It often happens that we need a certain amount of money, but that is low and for a short time – usually just a few days to pay. Lending small amounts is very popular. Small amounts are borrowed quickly and without liability. It is possible to borrow amounts from as little as CZK 500, the most popular […]

Online Borrowing Direct Answer and a Mini LoanOnline Borrowing Direct Answer and a Mini Loan

  Online borrowing direct answer? In the case of a mini-loan, the application is viewed equally. Are you a new customer? In addition to the online application, you must upload an ID certificate. So make sure you already have a copy of the ID card on the mobile. There will also be a check of […]

How to get an easy loan?How to get an easy loan?

In an emergency or unforeseen situation, getting a quick and easy loan may be necessary, even if it is not the best deal. The ideal is always to save money and have a reserve for these cases. If you do not have it and you need fast cash, see the path of the stones to […]

Maximum Interest Loan – Questions About LoansMaximum Interest Loan – Questions About Loans

The maximum interest that a lender may ask a consumer is 12% lending interest that comes on top of the statutory interest rate. This statutory minimum rate has been set at 2% since January 2015. The percentage can be adjusted and applies to non-commercial transactions with individuals and consumers. In July 2014, for example, the […]

Loans without collateralLoans without collateral

Loans without collateral are only granted in very rare exceptional cases. It also depends on what is meant by security. We distinguish collateral in the form of property such as home and land, savings, securities deposit or life insurance and collateral such as a regular income and a good name. The granting of normal consumer credit generally involves […]

Build Your Heritage with Accession to Property | Loans QuebecBuild Your Heritage with Accession to Property | Loans Quebec

It is well known that owning a home is a great way to build your wealth. Whether you’re buying a house in cash or financing it from a mortgage, the price of a house increases over time, in general. This means that your capital will grow, and since there is no capital gains tax on […]

Who cares for nurses?Who cares for nurses?

You are probably a nurse and your performance in this profession is extremely good, we have no doubt about it. You know what to do in case of an emergency, how to treat a patient that can be complicated, and know the ways to prevent risks inside your work. However, it is likely that many […]

High Ratio Mortgages and Default Mortgage InsuranceHigh Ratio Mortgages and Default Mortgage Insurance

Buying your first home is an important step, which requires a lot of planning and preparation. You must understand all the legal requirements and implications associated with buying a home before signing your mortgage agreement. Before choosing your first home, it’s a good idea to understand your financial situation as well as your budget. This […]